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Apps, Hybrid Apps & Web Apps

The development of apps with web technologies (HTML5 Apps) allows with a one time software development effort the support of the most popular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). These apps - we call them hybrid apps - will be deployed through app stores like native apps. App development with web technologies leads to less software development and maintenance costs. Interested? Contact us!!

Version 2.2 of the EuroAirport app available in App Store, Google Play and Windows Store

EuroAirport app android EuroAirport app ios EuroAirport app wp8 The new version has several new functionalities and an updated design. The app is developed with HTML5 and Apache Cordova (PhoneGap). All three apps share the same source code.

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NFC Apps - Is Apple the Key to Success?

nfc appsWith the launch of the new iPhone 6 mobile phones also Apple started to support NFC (Near Field Communication). Is the time ready to develop apps which will use NFC to communicate securely between two devices?

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DNAWeightControl - a new app developed by hippopunk

DNAWeightControl App ios DNAWeightControl App ios The DNAWeightControl App is the companion app for the DNAWeightControl test - a genetical analysis of the metabolism based on the DNA. The app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The iOS app and the Android app have been developed with the same source code.

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What is the cost of an app development?

app development cost The development cost of an app which will support the most important mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) differs significantly depending on the functionality of the app and the used technology. What does this mean in numbers?

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Native Apps with PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)

hybrid apps with PhoneGapPhoneGap (Apache Cordova) is a tool which is becoming a standard in the market to develop native apps with HTML5. These hybrid apps will be deployed through app stores. With pleasure we will advise you whether such a solution fits also for you.

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Developing Web Apps with AngularJS

angularjs entwicklungenhippopunk develops web apps and hybrid apps with AngularJS. AngularJS uses a “Model View Controller” (MVC) architecture. This architecture allows to structure the source code in a way to support large “enterprise” applications without losing the overview of the source code - a serious problem of pure JavaScript apps.

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App Development with Web Technologies?

Video zu warum web apps

Our cartoon explains why it makes sense to develop apps with web technologies. Have a good time watching it!

More Than Responsive Websites

web apps with jquery mobileThe development of responsive website is becoming an actual standard. A website has to adapt automatically to each device. Tools like “Bootstrap” make this possible. To go further than having only a responsive design, an optimized user experience for each device is necessary. This is where we need web apps!

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More about hippopunk!

mehr zu hippopunkhippopunk is a Swiss software development and consulting company which is based in Muttenz (Basel). The focus of hippopunk is the software development of native HTML5 apps and mobile websites. The consulting of software development projects and the definition of IT strategies are additional services. To learn about who is behind “hippopunk”, please visit the “About” section.