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Strategies for Developing Cross Platform Apps

App development is indispensable for every enterprise. Today at least Android and iOS have to be supported. The future of Windows Phone is uncertain but it has also be taken under consideration as a third platform. And, also don’t forget the web - a lot of people like to access a service through the web browser. This created a market for tool makers to simplify the cross platform development. This blog investigates tools and concepts for app development and makes recommendations for positioning.

An Airport Bag Tracking App

Three screens of the bag tracker app (bag status detail, scanning, list of scanned bags) For an international airport we built a bag tracking app as a proof of concept. Besides explaining the field of application this blog will also let readers know why for this kind of rapide enterprise app development, Apache Cordova makes absolutely sense

Companion App for the Loyalty Program of the EuroAirport Available in App Store and Google Play

App for the airport loyality program The companion app for the loyalty program of the EuroAirport has been developed by hippopunk. Learn more about this app and the technlogies used for software development.

Developing Native Apps with HTML5

PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) is the tool which is becoming the standard in the market to develop native apps with HTML5. Modern HTML5 frameworks, a constantly growing amount of plugins and the support of the big players lead to a wide acceptance of hybrid apps. This blog describes experiences developing native apps with HTML5.

Version 2.6 of the EuroAirport App Available in App Store, Google Play and Windows Store

Airport app for the EuroAirport showing views for Android and iOS The latest update of the EuroAirport App is available in the App Stores. The app is developed with HTML5 and Apache Cordova (PhoneGap). The Android, iOS and the Windows Phone app use the same source code.

What Is the Cost of an App Development?

The development of hybrid apps leads to less development and maintanance cost compared to the app development with the native programming languages (Objective-C, Java, C#). With a one time software development effort Android, iOS and Windows Phone will be supported. What does this mean in numbers?

DNAWeightControl - a Lifestyle App Developed by hippopunk

DNAWeightControl App for Android and iOS

The DNAWeightControl App is the companion app for the DNAWeightControl test - a genetical analysis of the metabolism based on the DNA. The app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The iOS app and the Android app have been developed with the same source code.