Companion App for the Loyalty Program of the EuroAirport

Created: 09/09/2016

The Advantage App for Android and iOS showing the loyalty card and the history of already booked services

Airport Loyalty Program

The Advantages loyalty program provides several benefits for frequent flyers. To these belong fast track access, lounge access and various discounts at the airport. For a detailed description of the program check the Advantages website. The companion app, which has been developed by hippopunk, is the key to the program.

Functionality of the Loyalty App

Frequent flyers will use the app to access their benefits. Starting the app will immediately display the loyalty card. The app works in offline and online mode. Putting the app on a scanner will authenticate the user and get him access to the service. The history of the app will show immediately the booked services.

Technologies for App Development

The app is available for Android and iOS. Software development happened natively with Java and Swift for Android and iOS respectively. The page (view) contents use WebViews. Using this hybrid approach provides several benefits:

  • Fast app start and app performance
  • Small app size which leads to fast downloads
  • Code sharing between Android and iOS for content through WebViews
  • Best possible user experience (UX) taking also cost aspects under consideration

On the backend REST APIs have been developed to access and manage data of various systems.